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How Vintrace Can Help Your Wine Business

By Monday 11 July 2016May 29th, 2017No Comments

Do you know the true cost of each bottle of wine you make?

Cost-tracking in Excel is okay for basic overhead apportioning, but what about variables, exceptions and retrospective costs?

“Vintrace cleverly adds costs per litre – batch or vessel – even if a wine has been moved or blended multiple times,” says Joshua Abra of Vintrace winery software.

On the question of how most of your winemaker’s time is spent, the answer is probably “not making wine!”

“With Vintrace you can throw away paper reports and repetitive data entry,” says Joshua.


“Vintrace’s intuitive design allows for single-point entry for all losses and gains and helps you to plan, project and implement multiple winery tasks at once.”

Are you audit-ready?

“As much as we don’t want to believe it, Wine Australia can pay you a visit at any time,” Joshua says.

“Vintrace has a one-click report designed specifically for LIP compliance, as well as many other detailed reports, which cover important topics such as composition and addition lot tracking.”


Visit Vintrace on stand 1328 at the Australian Wine Industry Trade Exhibition and Josh and the team will be happy to show you how Vintrace can help your business.

For further details click here.

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