WBM July / Aug 2016


In this issue:

• Chris Tyrrell cover story
• The big issue – tax
• 100 reviews by Tyson Stelzer and Mike Bennie
• AWITC: Adelaide, here we come
• Nick Ryan: there has to be a better way
• A sparkling life – Ian Home obituary
• Turn up the competitive temperature
• Why innovation must become cool again
• Divided we fall: the tax debate
• ‘Beware the sin tax’ says Stephen Strachan
• Design Clinic: seven great labels
• Ooroo! Time for a fresh new brand
• Country classics by Nick Bulleid MW
• Viticulture: the great riesling risk
• Wine and Instagram the perfect match
• Market Analysis – Peter Bailey
• Pay back on high solids crossflow investment
• Stop and smell the chardonnay
• All this and more

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