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‘Special homecoming’ for much-loved Metala

By Friday 18 March 2022September 29th, 20232 Comments

The famous old Metala brand and associated trademarks have returned to their family origins after a fifty-year hiatus involving multiple owners, the latest one being Treasury Wine Estates.

Guy Adams, pictured, who is the fifth generation vigneron of the Metala vineyard in Langhorne Creek, says he’s delighted to see the brand’s long-awaited return.

“It’s a particularly special homecoming,” he says.

“The vineyard that bears the Metala name was established by my ancestors in 1891 and to see a return to its birthplace is very special for our family.

“We live on and manage the property to this day, and we can see the grapes that will go into the Metala wines from the windows of the original homestead.

“We are just so happy to once again be able to offer consumers the quality and authenticity of estate grown wine from the Metala vineyard.”

Guy says he was “deeply disappointed” when in 2017 the label’s then owner, Treasury Wine Estates, chose to no longer produce Metala as an estate label, instead sourcing fruit from other vineyards.

“The homecoming and relaunch of the brand means that when wine lovers buy a bottle of Metala wine they will once again be getting the original, rich and full bodied Metala fruit they’ve come to expect,” he says.

“Iconic brands need to remain true to their purity and history.

“Switching origin while still trading off the name and historical place, doesn’t sit well with my family.

“My great-grandfather, Arthur Formby, would have been turning in his grave.”

The Metala property is home to the oldest family-owned Cabernet vineyard in the world and the oldest Shiraz vineyards in Langhorne Creek.

Winner of the inaugural Jimmy Watson Trophy in 1962, Metala Shiraz Cabernet remains a favourite among wine consumers sixty-years on.

“The Metala story reflects one of only a handful of Australian wines that can be traced back to our rich wine pioneering history,” Guy says.

“As the custodian of such an historic brand, I look forward to continuing to build its standing in the market and to handing it down through the generations to come.

“Importantly, we look forward to putting it back on the shelves.

“Metala Vineyards have the scale and capacity to support our planned growth over the coming years and the 2021 vintage will be released to the market shortly, which coincidentally will coincide with the sixtieth anniversary of the innaugral Jimmy Watson Trophy we received in 1962 for our 1961 Metala Shiraz Cabernet.

“Now more than ever people are looking for provenance and authenticity in their purchases and Metala has all of that and more.

“Arthur will be smiling!”


  • Natalie Hann says:

    Mum has a V1993 Metala her boss gave when she retired – would be any good to drink? Does have any value. – it’s numbered…

  • HAYDN DEANE says:

    As someone who has been in the wine business for some 60 years that is the best news I have the pleasure of reading for such a long time! Metala Shiraz Cabernet has been a firm favourite of mine since the first vintage! I have been buying it consistently for years!
    Coincidentally I have today opened and enjoyed a bottle of the 2012 vintage!
    Guy Adams congratulations!
    Such great news!
    I work at Dan Murphy’s Fine Wine Manager in the Port Macquarie store and the Metala has been consistently recommended by me for the ten years the store has been open!
    I noted recently that Langtons have obtained stock of some older ​vintages! Did that come from you?
    I look forward to your progress and the new vintages!
    Haydn Deane

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