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Ah Rosie, You’re the One!

By Thursday 24 March 2016May 29th, 2017No Comments
Neudorf Vineyards

I get kinda moved when I see a winery name a wine after a family member – especially one living away from home.

I raised an eyebrow when Judy Finn of Neudorf Vineyards in NZ emailed to say they had named a Chardonnay after their daughter, Rosie, who is working in the wine trade in the UK. Judy says, “As most of the fruit comes from Rosie’s Block vineyard, we decided to give her a Christmas present – a wine under her name.” Her reaction? “She is delighted, naturally.”

What’s Rosie like? “Rosie is cheerful and artistic,” Mum says. “She adores rugby (she joined us at the quarter-final in Cardiff last year and also fishing and scuba-diving. She loves wine but is partial to a beer. She listens to great music – Beyonce, Dylan, old Beach Boys, good jazz classics etc.”

How did you break the news to her, Mum? “We simply showed her the label proof – she had no idea and immediately blushed deeply. I commented on her not-so-hidden desire to now be a highly-paid international ambassador for the wine, but she has grown up on a small family winery and has no delusions about earning a six-figure sum.” Rosie is chuffed. “I was totally delighted,” she told TWTW. “It was a surprise. I was flattered. Chardonnay is a wine we are all proud of at Neudorf and to have Mum and Dad name one after me means a lot. I love Chardonnay. To me this tastes of home. I couldn’t be happier.”

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