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Amicus Wines, The Master and the power of storytelling

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Amicus Wines started as a partnership between friends, with Walter Clappis the winemaker.

The story behind the brand is of friendship and their commitment to making small batch, exclusive wines of superb quality.

They adopt a minimalistic approach to winemaking, believing that good wines are made in the vineyard.

There is something magical about listening to Walter speak about his spiritual connection to the land, his vines and how they relate to the moon.

When this symbiosis has grown out of a lifetime of commitment to the craft, it is fitting that The Master is the name given to the wine that bears the McLaren Vale winemaker’s portrait.

“Inspired by his biodynamic philosophy, we crafted this branding with a hand-drawn portrait of Walter as the focal point,” says Nina Chalmers of CoLLECT, which designed the label.

“The illustration was created in collaboration with Harry Slaghekke, which we refined with gouache to capture the light and shade of Walter’s personality.

“This medium also exemplifies the velvety texture of the wine, which is only produced in exceptional vintages.”

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