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AmorimŠ—’s World-First Technology Lands Them as a Finalist in the Wine Industry Awards

By Tuesday 20 September 2016June 2nd, 2017No Comments

Amorim, the world’s largest cork supplier with about 30 percent of the market share, is a finalist in the inaugural Wine Industry Impact Awards – just months after releasing its world-first technology, NDtech.

The exciting new technology enables the detection of TCA, leading to Amorim corks coming with guaranteed non-detectable TCA. This – and Amorim’s continued excellence in cork production – sees them as one of two finalists in the packaging category of the awards.

“NDtech is just the latest in a series of innovations that has led to Amorim being chosen as a finalist in the Wine Industry Impact Awards,” says Tim Stead, Amorim Australia national sales and marketing manager.

The complete removal of TCA from corks has been a long-held goal for Antonio Amorim, chairman and CEO of the company. Known to many as ‘cork taint’, the naturally occurring compound has negatively impacted cork-sealed wines for many years. While complete eradication remains the objective, NDtech is the only technology thus far to be able to achieve TCA readings of less than 0.5 nanograms on a major industrial scale. That’s the equivalent of 1 drop in 800 olympic swimming pools – and well below the human sensory threshold.


With more than 22,000 customers worldwide in more than 100 countries, Amorim seals about four billon bottles annually. With the release of their new technology earlier this year, they’re hoping to increase their client reach further, both within Australia and internationally.

“World-renowned clients are already jumping on board with the announcement of the technology,” says Tim.

It’s not just the new technology that makes Amorim a leader in the cork industry:

  • They offer a vertically integrated supply chain which allows traceability of materials from Portugal right through to the bottling lines;
  • They are a large investor in the cork closure industry, funding a number of ground-breaking research programs;
  • They regularly host seminars and tours of their facilities for customers to further understanding and transparency from client to customer to consumer; and
  • Employing more than 3,500 people globally, they continue to create jobs and further potential in the Australian wine industry.


See below to watch Amorim’s story.

For more information about Amorim and the NDtech systems, head to

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