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An Hour With Andrew Caillard

By Tuesday 11 April 2023June 16th, 2023No Comments

The application of oil paint on canvas is a thoughtful process.

Brush stroke by brush stroke, science and creativity collide in a flurry of light, texture  and pigments.

Get it right, and the result is a highly collectable work of art, or at the very least, a creation that evokes emotion.

Andrew Caillard MW always imagined a parallel life as an artist.

“I love painting,” he says as he settles in at his home studio in Sydney’s inner west.

“It’s surprisingly intense when you’re trying to work out colour theory and composition.

“You imagine something brilliant and then it turns out alright.”

He smiles. “I’m very much an amateur artist, but I love it. It’s my way of unwinding.”

Andrew has plenty to be wound up about of late.

Writing a three-volume book about the history of Australian wine is no mean feat. He is exhausted; you can hear it in his charming British lilt.

He spent six years researching and writing The Australian Ark, in doing so charting the complete history of Australian wine, from 1788 to now.

In reality though, he spent a lifetime working up to it.

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