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An Hour With Sheralee Davies

By Wednesday 19 October 2022September 25th, 2023No Comments

Sheralee Davies isn’t one for the limelight. When WBM asked Wine Tasmania’s chief executive officer to grace this issue’s cover, she was hesitant.

“How about less focus on me and more and more on our talented wine producers,” she said.

“The Wine Tasmania Board is currently undertaking significant research and modelling of the Tasmanian wine sector’s future growth.

“Let’s talk about that.”

We meet in the middle.

A group discussion is organised and winemakers Nick Glaetzer (Glaetzer Dixon Family Winemakers) and Anna Pooley (Pooley Wines) agree to join us for a chinwag.

We gather in The Glass House bar and restaurant at Hobart’s Brooke Street Pier.

It is a fitting place for a chat about Tasmania’s future.

The venue won the Judges’ Choice Award in the 2021 Tasmanian Wine List of the Year and wine (much of it Tasmanian) is imbibed with a view over the shimmering water that separates the island from the mainland.

By ferry, it’s about a 10-hour trip but sometimes, it feels like a world away.

“Tasmanians are pretty used to being left off the map (literally) so we kind of stick together,” Sheralee says.

“We’re pretty proud of what we’ve done and we don’t mind sticking it to the other regions and the big island to the north at times.”

She smiles.

“Tassie’s wine history is fascinating and incredible. It’s had a lot of doubters – and not all that long ago.”

She pauses.

“Tasmanians don’t really give two hoots; they are too busy growing and producing amazing things and they are well aware of the uniqueness of this island.”

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