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Angove Launches Naturalis Organic Wines

By Wednesday 14 April 2021No Comments

Angove Family Winemakers has launched a new Certified Organic wine range, Naturalis Organic, featuring seven wines including Certified Organic Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Rosé and a Sparkling Cuvée.

Naturalis Organic is hand-crafted with the help of a unique task force made up of flora, fauna and the natural environment. This talented ‘Vinguard’ works together to create the organically sourced wines.

The ‘Vinguard’ is led by a colony of honeybees, a posse of Indian runner ducks, an invisible night patrol of microbats and fragrant organic roses, all ensuring that everything used in the winemaking process comes from nature, pure and clean.

All wines in the Naturalis range (RRP $18) are available exclusively at independent liquor outlets and on-premise trade venues. They are also vegan and gluten free.

Victoria and Richard Angove, joint managing directors of Angove Family Winemakers, said, “Our vineyards are more than just the source of our grapes, but a holistic system of interconnected organic prosperity.

“The vine is important, but our thriving taskforce of local flora and fauna ensure healthy biodiversity and the best tasting organic grapes.

“Our viticulturists are involved every step of the way, crafting our wines to reflect the land they are grown on and ensuring the ecosystem gives back to the soil’s long-term health.

“Everything we use comes from nature. At no stage during grapegrowing or winemaking do we use any synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fertilisers.”

The wild bee colony and beehives act as the vineyard security guards by pollinating trees, flowers and other plants, producing essential food and shelter for local flora and fauna and creating a vital balance for the ecosystem.

During the wetter months, the ever-vigilant Indian runner ducks patrol the vineyard and control the snail population. This natural technique prevents them from munching on new buds and young soft shoots.

Microbats live among the native gums to naturally control insect species that can damage the grapes. These tiny creatures can eat half their body weight each night to help protect and maintain balance in the vineyard ecosystem.

Organic Red La Sevillana and White Iceberg Roses provide both beauty and balance as an early warning system for powdery and downy mildew. Like canaries in a mine, they’re very suspectable to harmful mould, alerting the vineyard team to its presence before damaging the vines.

Angove Family Winemakers has been perfecting its craft in South Australia for more than 135 years. The launch of the new Naturalis Organic range further cements its commitment to sustaining and nurturing the earth, ensuring its legacy as environmental stewards lives on for future generations.

Organic farming and biodiversity is nothing new for Angove Family Winemakers, with 2021 marking its 15th anniversary of farming and making wine under strict organic certification.

Richard Angove says, “We pride ourselves as early adopters of organic winemaking in Australia. Growing and farming organically requires continuous innovation and being prepared to do things differently.

“Our team has worked extremely hard over the past 15 years to transition our vineyards to be 100 percent certified organic.”

The Naturalis range is hand-crafted by the Angove team from grapes grown in the family’s certified organic Nanya Vineyard at Paringa and selected certified growers in McLaren Vale.

Angove Family Winemakers experienced 30 percent growth in organic wine sales last year and has delivered double digit growth in organic wine sales year on year since launching its organic ranges.

Naturalis Organic is another step in the Angove family’s plan to bring affordable organic and sustainably sourced wines to the domestic and global markets. The new range has already started to deliver strong sales results and hit the shelves in the growing US organic market early this year.

Tim Boydell, Angove Family Winemakers director of Sales and Marketing, says, “Over the past twelve months we’ve seen a big shift in consumer behaviour, with people increasingly valuing health and sustainability, and actively seeking out brands they can trust.

“In the past, access to sustainable and organic products was often viewed as a privilege, so everyone at Angove is extremely proud to make organic wine far more accessible and affordable.”

The range is packaged in lightweight glass, weighing in at under 400g compared to 600-700g traditional wine bottles, further reducing the environmental impact.

The labels feature the honeybee central to the inner workings of the ‘Vinguard’ printed on a fully recycled paper stock.

The cartons proudly carry the FSC sustainable forestry logo and have been made from at least 70 percent post-consumer paper.

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