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Australian Winery Warns Others About Fraudulent Online Activity

By Monday 29 June 2020No Comments

An Australian winery has reported that a customer committed a fraud when ordering wine online, and wants other wineries to be on the look-out.

The large South Australian family winery, which wishes to remain anonymous, says, “Just thought I would pass on a word of caution you may want to mention to your readers as the ‘pivot’ to online orders increases.

“We recently had some cases of orders of our most expensive product coming through our website.

“Initially we thought, ‘Yay – people are drinking better in Covid-19 lockdowns’ but on further investigation they were found to be fraudulent, using stolen credit card details.

“For us, thankfully, we caught it but smaller wineries may not be so lucky and could be out of pocket significantly, which is not what we want as we all battle to keep going.”

There is some helpful information about online fraud here. Select the document named ‘Fraud Minimisation, Data Security and Chargeback Guide’.

“The merchant is ultimately responsible for any chargebacks to the legitimate cardholder,” the winery says, “so if anything looks suspicious, take extra care and double check.”

• This report first appeared in our free Friday e-bulletin, The Week That Was.

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