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Big show judging opportunities for top tasters at AWRI courses

By Thursday 14 November 2019No Comments

Jessica Bloomfield from Pernod Ricard Winemakers and Jessica Clark (pictured above) from Tapanappa Wines (now at Giant Steps) were dux winners of the 47th and 49th Advanced Wine Assessment Courses run by the Australian Wine Research Institute.

The two talented tasters have been awarded places as associate judges at the National Wine Show of Australia in Canberra where judging is currently in progress.

David Bicknell, chair of the National Wine Show of Australia, said, “We are very supportive of the excellent training provided by the AWAC and pleased to welcome the two Jessicas as associate judges this year. “This is a great opportunity for more experienced judges at the National Wine Show to provide support and mentorship to these new associates.”

Jessica Bloomfield (pictured below) said, “The AWAC taught me about the structure of professional judging in Australia and allowed me to calibrate my tasting and test my consistency.

“This gave me a greater understanding of my sensory skills and greater confidence in my palate. I am very excited and thankful to be given the opportunity to further develop these skills at the National Wine Show in Canberra.”

Jessica Clark said, “The AWAC gave me skills to confidently assess a wine, quickly and clinically and to look for stand-outs in a line-up. I liked the intensity of the course and the incredible range of wine we were presented with.

“It was fascinating to listen to the guest judges and learn from them how to separate your likes and dislikes from the scoring system.”

The selection of the dux of each course is based on statistical scores, verbal skills and group interaction.

Con Simos, group manager, Industry Development and Support at the AWRI, who is responsible for the course, said, “The AWRI is delighted to partner with the National Wine Show of Australia for the first time and to see Jessica Bloomfield and Jessica Clark take the next steps in their wine judging career.

“Both dux winners showed an excellent balance between scoring consistency and thoughtful commentary about the wines they were tasting.”

The AWAC puts participants through a gruelling four-day program of wine sensory education and assessment. It aims to prepare potential new wine show judges and develop the sensory analysis capabilities and vocabulary of Australian wine professionals at an elite level.

Twelve leading wine show judges, journalists and winemakers contribute to the delivery of the course, alongside AWRI staff.

The next AWAC (which will be the 50th course) will be held in December. Course details are available at:

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