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Bleasdale Vineyards Has Seen a Challenge or Two in 170 Years

By Tuesday 7 April 2020One Comment

Langhorne Creek’s oldest winery, Bleasdale Vineyards celebrates 170 years this month.

The milestone anniversary marks a celebration of rich history and award-winning wines with Bleasdale receiving more than 50 awards since 2013.

Award highlights include James Halliday Winemaker of the Year 2018 (awarded to senior winemaker, Paul Hotker), The Max Schubert Trophy for Most Outstanding Red Wine at the Royal Adelaide Wine Show, and most recently the coveted Jimmy Watson Memorial Trophy for Best Young Red Wine at the Royal Melbourne Wine Awards.

Fifth generation Robbie Potts said the long-term success of Bleasdale was testament to the values and philosophy that founder Frank Potts established in 1850.

“The foundations of Bleasdale Vineyards were laid by chance as Frank Potts passed through Langhorne Creek after he saw an opportunity with the landscape to build something truly visionary for its time,” Robbie said.

“He continues to be a legend of the Creek and I, for one, feel very fortunate to have been born into this industry and part of such a highly-regarded wine family.”

Bleasdale continues to be known for its Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, all of which are strengths of the Langhorne Creek wine region.

“We’re extremely confident in not only the quality of the wine that we produce but also the value that we provide to our loyal customers. When you’re producing award-winning wines for under $40, it’s a great outcome for everyone involved.”

Bleasdale has over the years faced industry challenges but today holds a strong position in both global export and the domestic market.

“Bleasdale has a great presence across Australia and throughout Germany, Canada and China,” Robbie says.

“For those living in South Australia or visiting the region, we welcome them to experience our cellar door which showcases a moment-in-time with our original barrel room and historic old press which was hand built in 1892.”

One Comment

  • Colin Bleasdale says:

    Hi there, I’ve read quite a few articles about this vineyard but I am can’t understand the connection between Potts and Bleasdale. The articles don’t make the connection clear.

    I’d appreciate some help here.
    We have indulged in quite a few bottles of “BLEASDALE “ both bought and those as gifts because friends get excited when they our name on a bottle.

    I really enjoy the Malbec as it is a real contrast with the local Pinot Noir from Martinborough NZ

    Kind regards
    Colin Bleasdale

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