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Changing Of The Guard At Coriole Vineyards

By Monday 2 November 2020April 14th, 2021No Comments

Peter Lloyd has been appointed general manager of Coriole Vineyards in McLaren Vale. He takes over from his father, Mark Lloyd, who has managed the family business for more than 40 years.

A third-generation family member of Coriole’s 50-year-old company, Peter grew up on the winery property.

Peter joined Coriole as sales and marketing manager in 2014, following a role in on-premise wine portfolio management with one of Australia’s largest distributors.

Mark Lloyd will be stepping away from day-to-day operations of the business but will continue to have an advisory role, and will be spending more time in the vineyards.

Mark says he is particularly proud of his work developing new wine varieties in Australia – recognised in 2017 by the Len Evans Award for Leadership.

“This generation of winemaking has been such an exciting time as we have progressed from limited varieties, largely revolving around the great traditions of Bordeaux and Burgundy, to the full spectrum of European appellations and grape types,” he says.

“Thus we can find absolute gems such as Nero, Piquepoul and Fiano, and others that are so distinctive in their characters and can really excite the wine buyers of Australia, and increasingly in export as well.”

Mark says Peter will continue to drive the family’s business.

“Peter brings to the role a good range of life experiences and fascinating jobs. He is very creative with marketing thoughts and plans, but always authentic and true to the great traditions of the wine industry,” he says.

Peter says, “It has been a 50-year journey for Coriole so far, and the foundations have been laid for a solid but also forward-thinking and innovative business.

“Mark’s inventiveness and creativity has been vital in bringing this business to life along with the support of his siblings to ensure he remained focused.”

Peter will be working alongside his brother, Duncan Lloyd, who joined Coriole as senior winemaker in 2017.

“We have plenty of work ahead of us to make sure we continue to be considered as a leader in our field,” Peter says.

“It’s a huge asset to have the skills of Duncan in the winery and the commitment to quality he brings. It’s a competitive industry with a whole range of variables thrown upon us – especially this year.”

Both Peter and Duncan worked outside of the family business for more than a decade before returning ‘home’.

“I personally am grateful for all the time I’ve spent away from Coriole,” Peter says.

“Although growing up here, I left once 18 and have only just moved back to the area. I feel the perspective is important and places us in a good position to embrace opportunities and tackle challenges that may come our way.

“We’ll continue to strive to produce high quality wines, while innovating and adapting. It’s important for us to be agile enough to find opportunities. I also hope for us to become a leader in sustainable practices as we continue with our renewable energy program, recycled water and organic vineyard practices.”

Peter grew up in McLaren Vale but left the area after university. In the years that followed, he spent time baking bread in different parts of France, making cider in Somerset, and raising alpacas in Sussex. Returning to Australia, Peter worked for Fine Wine Partners as on-premise manager for Melbourne CBD, followed by a specialist role managing the museum and rare portfolio.

Coriole Vineyards was established by Hugh and Molly Lloyd in 1967. The earliest vineyards date from 1919, in the Seaview sub-region of McLaren Vale.

Coriole’s main variety is Shiraz with vineyards going back to 1870s. Coriole has produced Sangiovese since 1987 and has the original Australian vineyards of Fiano and Piquepoul.

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