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Cheers To Cheetah Conservation

By Sunday 11 April 2021No Comments

Monarto Safari Park and Langhorne Creek winery Kimbolton Wines have joined forces to help save the cheetah – a species that is in more than a spot of trouble.

For every bottle of Kimbolton’s Cabernet Sauvignon wine sold at its winery or online, Kimbolton will donate $10 to cheetah conservation work carried out at Monarto Safari Park.

“Wild cheetahs are in trouble,” says Peter Clark, director of Monarto Safari Park.

“They are now very vulnerable to extinction with an ever decreasing population of less than 7,000 mature individuals now believed to exist in Africa.

“Kimbolton’s generous partnership is very welcome and is the ultimate feel good – great wine for a great cause.

“Monarto Safari Park has been extremely successful in breeding cheetah over the past twenty years and is currently home to seven female cheetah from which we hope to breed soon.

“As we expand into the new Wild Africa safari area over the next year we will increase the numbers of cheetah we hold to make sure we do our part to ensure that there is a sustainable insurance population of this beautiful and endangered species in Australia.”



Kimbolton director Nicole Clark says, “We are extremely proud to be associated with Zoos SA and play our part towards cheetah conservation.

“We believe this partnership will be the first of many opportunities for like-minded wineries to support endangered wildlife in years to come. We look forward to supporting Zoos SA for many more years.”

Just some of the threats to cheetah in the wild include habitat loss, persecution from farmers and ranchers, hunting, disease, war, civil unrest and the sale of cubs for pets.

The cheetah is the world’s fastest land animal and capable of reaching speeds of more than 100km per hour in just over three seconds.

Partnerships such as the one between Kimbolton and Zoos SA are a unique way for businesses to become involved in conservation work and helps Zoos SA, a privately run conservation organisation, continue its work to save species from extinction.

Kimbolton is today run by fifth generation vignerons Nicole Clark and Brad Case, with the family growing grapes in the Langhorne Creek wine region for over 100 years.

The newest cellar door in the region combines a unique mix of high gloss navy industrial shipping containers with recycled timber and feature ply to create an earthy, modern setting amongst the vines.


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