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China Drops Timber Ban

By Thursday 18 May 2023June 15th, 2023No Comments

China has ended its trade ban on Australian timber, raising hopes the crippling tariffs on Australian wine will soon be lifted.

Chinese Ambassador Xiao Qian said today the investigation into the importation of Australian logs had been completed, with the embargo lifted immediately.

China is reviewing its tariffs on Australian barley and Australia has agreed to temporarily withdraw its complaint to the World Trade Organisation pending the outcome.

Australia has also gone to the WTO over the wine ban.

“Yesterday, Chinese customs have formally notified the Australian Minister for Agriculture that starting from today, China will resume import of Australian timbers,” Mr Xiao said.

He said other trade disputes between China and Australia were being dealt with “one by one” and he hoped they could all be resolved as soon as possible.

Trade Minister Don Farrell, who owns a winery in Clare, flew to Beijing last week for talks with Chinese counterpart Wang Wentago, who has agreed to visit South Australia in the near future.

Farrell said the latest news was “a great outcome” for the Australian forestry sector.

“We look forward to the full resumption of trade for all affected products as soon as possible,” he said.

The timber ban was imposed in 2020.

Photo: Robert Nyman (Unsplash).

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