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Cooperages 1912 Australia: Exploring a New Partnership with Tonnellerie Tremeaux

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Cooperages 1912 Australia

Passion is inherent to a great wine, just as it is to crafting a premium oak barrel. The magic, le grain de folie, is found by creating beautiful harmony through the right partnership.

With this inspiration in mind, Cooperages 1912 Australia has established a synergistic partnership with Tonnellerie Tremeaux, an artisan Burgundian cooperage nestled in the heart of Beaune.

It’s an excellent match in expertise and vision.

Tonnellerie Tremeaux embodies passion for every detail, preferring to understand the wine first, and then craft a barrel to best honour its muse. Meanwhile, Cooperages 1912 works alongside winemakers in Australia and New Zealand to find the ideal barrel pairing to showcase fruit and the nuances of each vintage.

“These classic Burgundian oak barrels will pair exceptionally well with cool climate pinot noir and chardonnay in the Australia and New Zealand wine markets,” said Patrick Schwerdt, general manager of Cooperages 1912 Australia.

Cooperages 1912 Australia

Image: Ludovic Tremeaux, founder of Tonnellerie Tremeaux, surrounded by French oak stacked using the cooperage’s cheminée method.

Tonnellerie Tremeaux’s artisanal, hands-on approach includes seasoning French oak using a one-meter high chimney stacking method. This is an excellent way to ensure the oak seasons naturally and evenly, with optimal air flow and exposure to the elements. While it requires a significant investment of space on the seasoning yard, this method creates a softer oak profile with incredible consistency.

At the Tonnellerie Tremeaux atelier in Beaune, a small team of master coopers stay busy patiently crafting each barrel to the desired specifications – and to best reflect the beauty of the wine it is destined to age.

Contact the Cooperages 1912 Australia team to learn more by calling +61 (08) 8563 1356 or visit

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