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Deposit Scheme ‘Kick In The Guts’

By Thursday 20 April 2023June 15th, 2023No Comments

Australian Grape & Wine has condemned the Queensland Government’s decision to expand the Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) to include wine bottles.

CEO Lee McLean says the government’s plan will do nothing to increase glass recycling but slug Australia’s winemakers $20 million a year – rising to $100 million if other states follow suit.

“Make no mistake, Queenslanders will pay more for wine under the Palaszczuk Government,” he says. 

“This will not lead to a discernable increase in recycling, and it will not lead to a more circular economy.

“What it will lead to is an increase in the cost of wine at every pub, club, restaurant and bottle shop in Queensland and an increase in carbon emissions.”

McLean described it as a bad outcome that could not come at a worse time for our industry.

“Australia’s grapegrowers and winemakers are doing it tough,” he says.

“In recent years we have faced challenges of fires, smoke, hail, frost, poor fruitset, Covid-19 and the loss of our biggest export market.

“What we need from the government is support, not another kick in the guts.

“This government has engaged in a sham consultation with a pre-determined outcome.

“They do not understand business and they have no idea of the administrative burden of implementing such a change at such short notice.

“They do not appreciate the impacts this will have on not just Queensland businesses, but businesses across the country.

“Queenslanders aren’t stupid, they know this is nothing more than a superficial attempt by this government to increase their environmental credentials in the lead-up to an election.

“The Palaszczuk Government must release a comprehensive cost benefit analysis that will show what this policy will cost and whether it will lead to a meaningful increase in glass recycling.”

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