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Discovery is the key in crafting an authentic wine brand

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Four generations of the McGuigan family have made wine their life, demonstrating a deep commitment and passion for Australian winemaking. This energy, drive and uncompromising dedication to crafting the finest Australian wines is reflected in every offering from McGuigan Wines.

Seeking to engage a growing audience of developing drinkers, McGuigan Wines looked to share the family’s dedication to their winemaking craft, building upon an established lineage and traceability of product normally reserved for wines marketed to a much more experienced drinker.

The Single Batch Project was born from a desire to better connect with a consumer hungry for information in order to explore and demonstrate their developing wine knowledge, and immersing themselves in the McGuigan family story.

The labels – designed by Tucker Creative – are confident and bold. Strong, earthy colours contrast with luxurious metallic foils, drawing the eye to the different details indicating provenance and authenticity – the unique parcels of fruit, the specific location where the wine was crafted and the vinification process used are demonstrated through batch codes unique to each wine in the range, bringing a level of detail and sophistication to the wine.

A range of contemporary wines sourced from South Australia vineyards, effective branding, creative and design delivers true value to this established brand, reinforcing McGuigan Wines’ position as a contemporary brand, built on traditional values.

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