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Does your winery need a OneMusic licence?

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“Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.” Robert Fripp (English guitarist and composer).

Of the 1,500 wineries in the country, many cellar doors and winery restaurants have music playing for the enjoyment of customers and staff. The sounds of live music concerts frequently echo across picturesque and verdant valleys. Some 300 wineries have a licence from us to play our music.

It is a sign if excellence in business practice. Some 71 percent of the ‘Wineries, Distilleries and Breweries’ winners of the Tourism Awards 2019 use licensed music in their business.

(You never know, the grapes might be crying out for an aria – it’s not as silly as it sounds, cheese changes flavour when music is played during maturation).

Why might you need a OneMusic licence?

If you are playing music from the OneMusic repertoire you are likely to need an annual licence from us.

But why should you?

  1. Shows your operation respects and supports songwriters and recording artists, our cultural creators.
  2. If you use copyright music within your restaurant, Commonwealth legislation requires permission (a licence) from the creators of that music.
  3. The big one. You benefit by using music: keeping restaurant and cellar door patrons entertained, engaged, consuming more and creating a better atmosphere.

In Australia, music creators generally authorise two organisations to administer their rights and collect their royalties – APRA AMCOS (composers and music publishers, around since 1926) and PPCA (recording artists and record labels, around since 1969).

The new OneMusic Australia licence (launched in July last year) bundles all those rights into one licence, a varietal blend.

If your winery operation wanted to use our music, and you did not have this licence, you would need to deal directly with the composers, songwriters, music publishers, recording artists and record labels who own the rights in the music you wish to use.

Should you wish to verify the need for a licence or the legitimacy of OneMusic Australia, you can contact the Australian Copyright Council or the Australian Government Licensing Information Service. Alternatively, you may wish to contact the Restaurant & Catering Industry Association on 1300 722 878.

If these licences are in fact needed but not in place, OneMusic Australia has the power to take legal action to enforce these rights – of course our preference is always to work collaboratively with music consumers to license the use of our music in their business.


Phone 1300 162 162 or visit 

Ian Adams of Bago Winery on the NSW Mid North Coast said: “We started our ‘Jazz in the Vineyards’ just over 20 years ago with a view to attracting people to the vineyard/cellar door. I went for middle of the road music – mixing jazz, blues, rock ‘n’ roll, country. In mixing it up we’ve also had KinderJazz, Community Big Bands & The Shuffle Boys, the majority of bands are from the Mid North Coast. Music and wine is a perfect blend.”

OneMusic Australia has fire disaster support in place. We are aware that many of our customers are in fire affected areas and may be going through a very challenging time. For our OneMusic customers in bushfire declared natural disaster zones, we’re pausing music licensing activity, including:

  • Placing relicensing of existing customers in bushfire declared natural disaster zones on temporary hold, and where appropriate we’ll extend their current licence on a complimentary basis for 12 months.
  • On request, we’ll make pro rata adjustments for those businesses in bushfire declared natural disaster zones who have closed or are unable to trade.
  • Placing debt recovery on temporary hold in bushfire declared natural disaster zones.
  • Writing off outstanding debts for licensed businesses in the most severely impacted towns.
  • If you are a OneMusic Australia customer in a bushfire declared natural disaster zone and you inadvertently receive correspondence from us, please contact us to confirm your account is on hold. Phone: 1300 162 162.

We thank all in our music community who are involved in fundraising events and concerts to support fire relief charities. OneMusic Australia will provide complimentary licences for official benefit concerts. Contact

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