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Dux of AWRI Advanced Wine Assessment Course awarded judging opportunity

By Tuesday 17 September 2019September 18th, 2019No Comments

Sam Leyshon from Mallaluka Wines in the Canberra District has been named dux of the 44th AWRI Advanced Wine Assessment Course .

As dux he has accepted a place as an associate judge for the 2019 NSW Wine Awards – a highly sought-after position due to the limited number available.

Sam said, “The Advanced Wine Assessment Course was both challenging and educational. It gave me a fantastic opportunity to test my knowledge of wine assessment and my skills in verbal explanation. I gained new and valuable tools which allowed me to judge wine critically and constructively. I will most certainly encourage others to give themselves the opportunity to take part in the AWAC.

“I participated in this course to learn more about the Australian wine show judging format, to test my palate by tasting a diverse array of wines and to see how others perceive those wines. I feel this course has actually led me to understand the value and importance of wine show judging – I look forward to being a part of wine show judging across the country.”

The selection of the dux of each course is based on statistical scores, verbal skills and group interaction.

Con Simos, group manager – Industry Services at the AWRI, who is responsible for the course, said, “The AWRI is very pleased to be partnering with the NSW Wine Awards and to see Sam offered an associate judging place that will start his journey in wine judging. During the course Sam showed enthusiasm, consistency and an excellent ability to communicate about wine.”

The AWAC puts participants through a gruelling and intensive four-day program of wine sensory education and assessment. It aims to prepare potential new wine show judges and develop the sensory analysis capabilities and vocabulary of Australian wine professionals at an elite level.

Twelve leading wine show judges, journalists and winemakers contribute to the delivery of the course, alongside AWRI staff.

The next AWAC (which will be the 50th course presented by the AWRI) will be held in December. Course details are available at:

Photo credit: David Reist.

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