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Enhance Your Tank Cleaning With Automated Tank Cleaning Solutions

By Friday 29 September 2017August 26th, 2018No Comments

When choosing a tank cleaner, you need to ensure you are using a product that will be able to clean the entirety of your tank in a timely manner while reducing operating costs. Choosing to use an automated tank cleaning system will not only result in a more thorough clean but can also dramatically reduce or eliminate cross-contamination caused by product or cleaning chemical residue.

Automated tank cleaning systems allow for cleaning downtime to be reduced and for increased savings in water and chemical use. Operators do not have to physically enter tanks, which improves worker safety and allows the workers to carry on with other tasks.

At Spraying Systems Co.® Australia, we have a range of automated TankJet® tank cleaners that are designed to clean tanks, barrels, totes, vats and vessels (as small as one metre in diameter and as large as 30 metres in diameter). From gentle rinsing to high-impact cleaning, the tank cleaning products offer automated solutions to ensure the highest quality clean possible, offering both portable and cleaning-in-place (CIP) tank cleaning options.

For high efficiency cleaning applications for tanks up to 30 metres in diameter, the TankJet 360 is the ideal choice. This tank cleaning option outperforms other fluid-driven tank cleaners available in the marketplace today. Due to the high impact clean, the TankJet 360 provides in shorter cycle times, cleaning time is reduced and the tank cleaner is able to be returned to service quicker. This also leads to reduced water usage and operating costs.

The spray nozzles rotate in 360° horizontal and vertical planes creating a criss-cross pattern to ensure that every part of the tank is thoroughly cleaned. The tank cleaner features a built-in strainer which minimises nozzle clogging and extends wear life. The TankJet 360 is suitable for use in food processing vats and tanks, brewery tanks, chemical processing reactors, blenders, tanker trucks, wine vats and pulp storage chests. A waste services company was able to save tens of thousands of dollars annually on tank cleaning expenses since installing the TankJet 360.

The fluid driven, turbine TankJet 80 provides powerful and reliable cleaning of tanks up to 15.2 metres in diameter. The tank cleaner can be used to clean brewery, food and dairy tanks, chemical vessels, fermenters and tanker trucks. The tank cleaner offers superior, medium-impact cleaning and reduces operating costs by consuming less liquid. The slow rotating speed of the spray nozzles provides exceptional dwell time on the tank’s surface which improves overall cleaning. The lightweight tank cleaner weighs only 6.8kg and can be used in several different tanks or mounted permanently onto one tank. The self-cleaning TankJet 80 is available in two or three nozzle hub options and comes in 316 stainless steel and PTFE materials.

For smaller tanks and totes that are up to 9.1 metres in diameter, the TankJet 75 is optimal. The fluid driven tank cleaner is able to provide adequate impingement cleaning of small tanks without the expense that comes with using high-impact tank cleaners. The TankJet 75 is ideal for cleaning dairy tanks and totes, food and beverage tanks, chemical containers, process tanks and pharmaceutical tanks. The 360° indexing pattern is completed every 45 revolutions and the solid stream spray nozzles are able to cover the complete surface area of the tank due to the nozzles rotating in multiple axes. The external gears reduce the speed of the nozzles for better impact which leads to a more effective clean. The simple design of the tank cleaner make it easy to maintain and can be rebuilt with ease in five minutes. Operators have the option to mount the tank cleaner permanently or can move it easily from one tank to the next. The tank cleaner is available in 316 stainless steel as well as other food grade materials. A food ingredient manufacturer has been able to cut cleaning time by 75 percent since installing the TankJet 75 at their site.

  • Talk to the experts at Spraying Systems Co. Australia. They are available to conduct on-site audits of your tank cleaning operations after which they will provide you with a detailed report.


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