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Get Quicker, Better and More Value-Driven Results with Memstar and VA Filtration

By Friday 1 July 2016May 29th, 2017No Comments

Few attributes are as sought-after as innovation in business, and as the world becomes a global market, the stakes for producers, manufacturers and technology suppliers become higher.

Almost instant knowledge-transfer and the online ‘real-time view’ of competition make the need for consumer advantage even keener – first-to-market is not enough: you need to be quicker, better and more value-driven to succeed.

Matthew Hooper, managing director of South Australian specialist wine filtration suppliers, Memstar and VA Filtration, is clear about both the challenge and the response required.

“Each wine region has its own unique set of challenges, and that of the wine community hasn’t really changed over centuries – how do you manage something as fickle but as determined as weather and climate?” he asks.

“Of course, with increasing variability over seasons and harvest timing, the winemaker’s role is only going to get harder – when to pick; how to balance ripeness with mitigating alcohol; and how to ensure that in a world that values consistency and clarity over nuance and uncertainty, a wine brand can always reward the consumer with a confident choice.

“At Memstar and VA Filtration we have developed unique, patented technologies that ensure our wine clients can safely remove as many marginal calls around alcohol reduction, wine clarity and taint removal as possible.

“The outcome is a wine that presents as the winemaker originally intended – whatever the particular harvest challenge – and delivers a brand choice that responsibly addresses value and integrity, as well as health and wellbeing.”

To find out more about Memstar and VA Filtration’s range of products and services email Steven Clarkson here, phone 08 8562 1139 or click here.

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