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Heinrich Cooperage Explores Diversity of American Oak

By Wednesday 8 February 2017December 12th, 2017No Comments
Heinrich Cooperage

American oak has a long tradition in the wine industry, yet not all winemakers may realise the diversity of aromas and flavours this wood type can impart.

Heinrich Cooperage has become a specialist in American oak, crafting premium American oak barrels for wineries throughout Australia and New Zealand. All Heinrich barrels are crafted with oak exclusively sourced through the cooperage’s company-owned stave mill located in New Florence, USA.

Heinrich Cooperage

The coopering team has also developed a portfolio of toasts that have been trialled to perfection to best showcase and explore American oak, from its traditional characters to achieving sensory profiles typically associated with French oak.

The Heinrich Cooperage team has also developed new technology that provides quality guarantees to ensure consistency and repeatability barrel to barrel and vintage to vintage, with total transparency.

Grain Recognition: Heinrich Cooperage measures the grain tightness by counting the growth rings per centimetre (GPC) of every stave. This technology guarantees that if you order a Fine Grain (3.94 GPC minimum) or Extra Fine Grain (5.91 GPC minimum) barrel, the minimum grain tightness will be achieved.

Toasting Accuracy: By utilising infra-red toasting monitors, Heinrich Cooperage guarantees every barrel will be toasted at 95 percent or higher of the theoretical toasting curve.

As part of its Signature Oak wood selection program, the Heinrich team sets aside the top echelon of extra fine grain staves and to undergo natural, open-air seasoning for 36 months. Signature barrels are an excellent choice for winemakers seeking the added elegance of this premium wood selection.

Heinrich Cooperage

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