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Levantine Hill Estate and Climate Wizard cooling: the perfect blend of luxury and sustainability

By Friday 15 March 2024March 19th, 2024No Comments

In the heart of the Yarra Valley sits architectural masterpiece Levantine Hill Estate. Its vines, grown in what was said to be near impossible hillside conditions, turned those perceptions on their head, seeking out and utilising the potential of the site and resulting in award-winning premium wines.

Inspired by nature, without compromise on quality, it is fitting that the estate should seek a cooling solution for its 577sqm barrel hall, home to 178,000 litres of wine, with the same principles.

The Climate Wizard CW-80S Indirect Evaporative Cooler was chosen.

The Climate Wizard Supercool features a direct evaporative stage after the indirect heat exchanger. This technique further cools low supply temperatures, and importantly allows humidity control for the operators’ specific needs. Climate Wizard Supercool offers low operating costs, low emissions, and no mechanical compressors or harmful refrigerants.

Project Requirements

• Minimal energy consumption
• Maintain the targeted setpoint of 14°C
• Maintain the relative humidity within the barrel hall to 75 percent
• Control of safe C02 levels during fermentation
• The desire to never compromise on quality

Project Deliverables 

Seeley International supplied a Climate Wizard CW-80S and Smart Wine Controller with a wireless connection to the support team at their Adelaide factory to facilitate smooth system integration.

When installed in a barrel hall environment, Climate Wizard has the capability to maintain the target relative humidity and temperature. The CW-80S Climate Wizard Supercool model supplies 6,400 litres of 100 percent fresh, continuous outside air, alleviating concerns about CO2 levels.

The Estate’s CW-80S is controlled by the proprietary Smart Wine Controller, a central hub which constantly assesses internal and external conditions. These conditions are processed through numerous predictive algorithms to determine the optimal settings required to achieve specific temperature and humidity levels at minimal power.

The controller is connected to the cloud via a router to facilitate software updates and data logging without interfering with existing IT networks. This data is used to enhance control algorithms; providing increasingly stable hall conditions at further reduced power. Should the client wish to add onto their cooling systems in future, the system is future proofed, as the controller can control single or multiple Climate Wizard units.

Supporting sustainable buildings

Climate Wizard cooling technology is suitable for a wide range of commercial applications and excels at efficiently cooling large open spaces, spot cooling and displacing fumes and pollutants in manufacturing and warehouse applications. It provides superior indoor air quality for building occupants by supplying 100 percent continuous, fresh, filtered outside air, which improves ventilation rates and lowers CO2 and VOC levels. With up to 80 percent energy savings when compared to refrigerated systems performing the same duty, Climate Wizard has been specified to support Green Star, NABERS and WELL ratings in sustainable buildings.

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