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Making an Impact in The Wine Business? Put Your Hand Up For an Award

By Thursday 3 May 2018No Comments

The 2018 Wine Industry Impact Awards, hosted by Wine Industry Suppliers Australia (WISA) and their award and event partners, are seeking nominations where businesses can demonstrate added impact to the capability and competitiveness of Australian grape and wine producers.

In the modern era of complex global markets – when clean and green credentials, more sophisticated branding and improved customer experiences are all important – the Australian grape and wine industry relies on a dynamic and advanced supply sector that actively works collaboratively with grape and wine producers to improve profitability.

WISA executive officer Matthew Moate says it is an exciting time for Australian wine and he looks forward to engaging with nominees to ensure they gain maximum benefit from putting their solutions forward.

“These awards have grown from strength to strength since their launch in 2016. They play a vital role for industry in providing a platform for suppliers to demonstrate the impact of value chain partnerships on building the capability and competitiveness of Australian grape and wine producers,” Matthew said.

There are eight categories from across the value chain including a Startup Award that recognises a typically newly emerged or entrepreneurial venture that can demonstrate potential impact in one or more of the main value chain categories.

The awards are partnered by both key Australian leading wine producers and service providers who are particularly interested in capturing the innovative, progressive and globally competitive solutions that are impacting the industry.

Packaging Award Partner John Kontrec, site manager from Australian Vintage Ltd said, “These awards provide a unique opportunity for suppliers to have their solutions independently assessed for their impact on wine producers. Wine businesses like ours are always seeking opportunities to improve our performance and these awards are an excellent avenue to achieve this.”

Casella Family Brands has partnered with the 2018 Startup Award. General manager for Procurement, Distribution and Strategy, Flaminio Dondina, said, “In the current fast-paced business landscape with the ever-increasing demand for greater efficiency and returns, we are delighted to be offering this opportunity to allow wine industry entrepreneurs and startups to show us how they can improve the capability and competitiveness of the industry.”

Pernod Ricard Winemakers operations director Robert Taddeo is also keen to surface fresh solutions as the partner of the critical Engineering category. “As a manufacturing business with numerous levels of value-add, the right engineering solutions are critical to maintaining a competitive advantage. These awards are an important opportunity for wine producers to be broadly exposed to market-leading solutions that keep Australia’s wine sector globally competitive.”

Other award categories include Grapegrowing partnered by accounting and advisory firm Bentleys SA, Winemaking partnered by DW Fox Tucker Lawyers, Distribution & Logistics partnered by MGA Insurance Brokers, Marketing & Communications partnered by WBM – Australia’s Wine Business Magazine and Tourism partnered by global airline carrier Cathay Pacific.

The program provides a comprehensive promotional schedule to ensure that there are significant and valuable opportunities to share the surfaced solutions across the industry. At the gala dinner on 18 October, more than 400 influential industry leaders will attend the Adelaide Town Hall to network, share experiences and learn the latest solutions that can impact their businesses.

“This is a valuable experience that provides a meaningful platform to communicate the impact of supply chain partnerships on the capability and competitiveness of our globally enviable grape and wine industry. We’re excited to work with the industry to find and recognise the best solutions,” Matthew Moate said.

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• Photo: Wine Industry Impact Awards Gala Dinner 2017

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