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New vineyard ‘not taken lightly’

By Friday 16 February 2024March 19th, 2024No Comments

When the whole Australian wine industry is talking about vines needing to come out, the Heinjus family is planting them – on the western edge of the Barossa near Freeling.

Responding to an item in The Week That Was that suggested the vineyard was 400 acres, Dave Heinjus from Pareta Farms wanted to set the record straight.

“Yes, there is a new vineyard being planted, and the varieties will be Grenache, Shiraz and Mataro,” Dave says.

“Some other bespoke varieties are also planned to be included.

“The total vineyard size is designed to be 67 acres (not 400), and in late 2023 the initial 16 acres (not 90) has been planted.

“Full establishment is to be staged over time.”

But why?

Dave says the opportunity to plant vines occurred when a new water resource – independent of other water infrastructure schemes already operating in the Barossa Valley – became available.

“This water resource is immediately adjacent to our farm,” Dave says.

“Recycled water from the Freeling township is being treated and used for irrigation, adding value to a previously underutilised resource.

“Sustainability of production is our focus.

“Also supportive was extensive soil profiling and frost modelling which shows that fruit of a desired quality can be produced.”

Dave says entering the wine industry is not a step taken lightly by the family.

“Being fifth-generation family farmers on the western ridge, we understand the cyclical nature of rural industries,” he says.

“The wine industry is no exception, and we empathise with those currently experiencing challenges.

“The Barossa Valley is renowned for producing a quality product and for innovation in wine and grape production.

“This reflects our philosophy and approach.

“We have chosen to take a long-term view.

“We look forward to becoming active members of Barossa Australia, Sustainable Winegrowing Australia and the broader winegrowing community.”

Photograph used for illustration purposes only and is not the new Freeling vineyard.


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