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NZ to host WinePro trade show

By Wednesday 13 March 2024March 19th, 2024No Comments

The inaugural WinePro New Zealand – the biggest showcase of equipment and wine industry suppliers in the country – will be held at Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000 in Blenheim from 25-27 June.

Set against the stunning backdrop of New Zealand’s largest wine-producing region, the event will attract national and international visitors.

WinePro New Zealand is not just an exhibition,” show organiser Gary FitzRoy says, “it’s an immersive experience that brings together more than 70 of the best suppliers, indoor and outdoor exhibits, providing a comprehensive overview of the latest innovations and technologies shaping the future of the wine industry.”

Attendees will have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge equipment, discover top-tier suppliers and engage with industry experts, making it an important event for anyone passionate about the art and science of winemaking.

Companies involved include Chandler Glass and Packaging, Grapeworks NZ, Hydralada, Olavin and Winequip.

The event will feature an industry-led conference that goes beyond the traditional, with a theme of ‘Innovate, Elevate, Celebrate.’

Focusing on business intelligence, it will be offering thought-provoking discussions on emerging trends, sustainable practices and technological advancements.

Renowned speakers and experts will challenge conventional thinking, providing attendees with valuable insights that can reshape their approach to winemaking.

A collaboration of industry leaders have together provided input to deliver something new, fresh and thoughtful.

And the best of balanced scheduling will allow attendees to mix on the show floor in between sessions.

One of the highlights of WinePro New Zealand are the networking sessions, providing a unique platform for professionals to connect, collaborate and share ideas.

“With a carefully curated environment that fosters meaningful interactions, attendees can expect to build lasting relationships and partnerships that will drive the industry forward,” Gary FitzRoy says.



At 3.30pm on the first two days, a free happy hour will enable the industry to get together on the show floor to share a drink and connect.

Maximising the industry’s time, Bragato will run Grape Days on Monday 24 June at the Convention Centre as part of what is shaping up to be a weeklong focus on wine and servicing the national industry.

Organisers have subcommittees working on the experience of WinePro, including free bus transfers from the airport, hotels and up to Picton, through to great motels deals and restaurants all rolling out the red carpet welcome.

Gary FitzRoy says, “This event is not just about business, it’s a celebration and tribute to the remarkable achievements of the New Zealand wine sector who lead in a number of producing aspects.

“As participants immerse themselves in the world of WinePro New Zealand, they’ll experience firsthand the passion and dedication that make New Zealand a global powerhouse in wine production.

“It’s been a great experience seeing the vision of the Marlborough Council come to life and their support in getting this event off the ground with key representative bodies and individuals pulling together to deliver something that sets a whole new event benchmark in the industry.

“I am sure everyone will be proud to have this world standard event now established in NZ.”

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