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“Open Up Australia For Vaccinated People”

By Sunday 4 July 2021August 7th, 2021No Comments

Leading Australian wine identity Tyson Stelzer has written to Prime Minister Scott Morrison asking him to consider allowing vaccinated people to cross borders freely.

Businesses in the wine, food and hospitality industries have been among the worst-affected by the ongoing lockdowns.

In recent weeks about 11 million people have been in lockdown in Australia including in Sydney and Brisbane with growing concerns about the Delta strain of Covid-19.

Numerous wine events have been cancelled or postponed and many cellar doors have had to close.

“Please may I ask you to open up the opportunity for fully vaccinated individuals to freely cross borders and avoid lockdowns and quarantine?” Tyson says in the letter, also published on Facebook.

“I work across hospitality, media and education and have close relationships with thousands of businesses across the country for whom current lockdown and border closure restrictions and uncertainty are debilitating.

“Lifting restrictions for fully vaccinated individuals not only provide us with a path to progressively navigate out of the current mess, but also add another incentive for others to get vaccinated.

“The success of similar arrangements in Europe and the US provide a precedent for Australia to adopt such a system.

“The Covid-19 Digital Certificate already in place through Medicare provides the documentation to facilitate this.

“With increasing evidence emerging of the effectiveness of full vaccination against exhibiting symptoms and transmitting the virus, such a system would provide the confidence to be able to progressively reopen business, travel and life again.”

Seven million doses of Covid-19 vaccine have been administered in Australia.

Photo by Soheb Zaidi on Unsplash

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