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Our Changing Production Practices

By Friday 16 September 2022September 26th, 2023No Comments

The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) has launched the second edition of its comprehensive survey of Australian vineyard and winery practices.

The first edition of this survey provided significant insights into how grapes are grown and wine is made in Australia, with a full report available from

Aspects covered in the vineyard included vineyard layout, harvesting practices, rootstock use and pruning techniques.

In the winery, results looked at sorting, pressing, yeast, filtration and packaging choices.

The data gained has been used to inform a wide range of research, development and extension activities.

The second edition of the survey will follow up on previous practices to see how they are changing and also assess the adoption of newer techniques and products like auto-steer tractors, under-vine weeding equipment, plant-derived fining agents, bioprotectants and membrane contactors for dissolved gas adjustment.

All Australian grape and wine producers are asked for their help in building an accurate picture of the grapegrowing and winemaking practices currently in use, by taking part in the survey at

As a recognition of the time involved to contribute to this project, every survey respondent has the chance to win a trip to Bordeaux, France to see all the latest vineyard and winery equipment at Vinitech-Sifel 2022.

Respondents will also be able to compare their practices with regional and national trends.

For more information on the survey phone Dr Simon Nordestgaard on 08 8313 6600 or [email protected].

Photograph: Bastard Hill vineyard.

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