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Penfolds To Be Made In China

By Wednesday 18 May 2022September 28th, 2023No Comments

Treasury Wine Estates is going to start making Penfolds wine in China, which would bypass the crippling tariffs.

“The reality is with the launch we are announcing, with our confidence around our Chinese country of origin Penfolds, we are going to start talking to customers in China pretty much from tonight and tomorrow to start to get the ball rolling,” TWE chief executive Tim Ford told The Australian.

“China is an emerging fine winemaking region and we’re confident we can produce a premium Chinese Penfolds that maintains the distinctive Penfolds house style and uncompromising quality.

“As a leading global wine producer, we have a responsibility to help build the wine category and industry in our different markets.”

The report says the wine will be “a range of red blends priced at the lower end of luxury wine”.

“The group’s first trial wine made from grapes sourced in the Ningxia region will feature in the initial, modest-sized allocation for distribution to local customers,” The Australian says.

Penfolds has also started making wines from the Napa Valley, Bordeaux and Champagne.

The reaction to the news about the China-sourced Penfolds in the comments section of the newspaper has been overwhelmingly negative.

“Sounds like selling their soul for six pieces of silver,” Ashley said.

Guy said, “There goes 170+ years of winemaking secrets.”

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