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Picking Grapes And Helping The Homeless… It’s a ‘Beautiful Thing’

By Wednesday 28 February 2018No Comments

Have you always wanted to pick winegrapes in a beautiful vineyard in autumn and do something wonderful for homeless people in the process?

Then head to Inkwell Wines in McLaren Vale on Saturday 10 March for the Homeless Grapes Project, where volunteers will pick grapes for a special wine to raise money for the Hutt Street Centre for the homeless.

This is the third year of the project. The past two years have raised more than $70,000 for Hutt Street.

Vinomofo CEO and co-founder Andre Eikmeier says the project brings out the best in the community.

“The beautiful thing about this project is the coming together of so many people – from the winemakers, the growers, mums and dads and their children, all picking and working together to solve this issue of homelessness,” Andre said.

“This will be the third year of running Homeless Grapes in McLaren Vale and every year we are humbled by the response – people from all walks of life donate their time to create something really amazing to help those in need. We’re hoping to have more than 100 people picking on the day.”

Picking will start at 8am at Inkwell Wines. There will be food, coffee and music.

Register your interest at The Homeless Grapes Project –

Three years ago McLaren Vale grower Jock Harvey from Chalk Hill posted on Facebook saying he had three tonnes of shiraz grapes that his team weren’t able to pick. He offered them to anyone who was willing to make a donation to Hutt St Centre.

“We immediately wanted to help out,” Andre said.

“But instead of picking the grapes and making a small donation, we thought, what if we all rally together to pick the grapes, make a beautiful shiraz, sell it, and donate all the proceeds to Hutt St Centre? What if we could use beautiful wine and this passionate wine community to effect real change?

“So we did just that. And with the help of a collection of great people, we were able to donate $45,000 to Hutt Street. The donation provided 1,500 meals, basic human services for 150 people, and jobs for 30 people. And Homeless Grapes was born.”

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