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Raise a glass to the magic of screen printing on wine bottles

By Sunday 7 April 2019No Comments


Glass Print Solutions have developed a solid reputation among winemakers, cellar doors and design houses alike during their nine years in business, successfully converting traditional paper labels to screen printed labels as well as offering complete finishing and packaging options for clients. Providing convenience without compromising on quality is a major contributor to their happily-growing business.

Screen printing direct to glass has become a developing trend within the wine and spirits industry. The technique has established its mark as a unique and modern approach to showcase artwork and optimise branding. The popularity strives from its practicality and durability. The image doesn’t fade, stain, wrinkle or tear off. There are no rough label seams, edges or bubbling to worry about. And as Eloise Pietsch from Blaxland Vineyards can attest, “The new style of wine label design has seen these wines move off the shelf in a much speedier timeframe.”

Artwork can really come to life when printed direct to glass. Managing director and owner David Lucas says, “With the ability to print 360 degrees, screen printing utilises the full surface area of the bottle, providing a real point of difference in appearance and the capability to exhibit brand originality and aesthetic.

“Our process has been perfected to give maximum financial value and convenience to clients. We specialise in printing after bottling and so clients benefit from the flexibility of only printing what is required to fill their orders. There are also minimal costs involved if a label design has to be altered at any stage.”

Recognising that a product requires more than just its label to sell, Glass Print Solutions have adjusted their business to satisfy increasing customer demand by providing complete packaging and finishing services. They boast the ability to offer a variety of options under one roof, helping reduce the logistical headache involved in coordinating multiple suppliers. Ranging from wax capping, capsule spinning, label application, tissue wrapping, specialty packaging, product photography and social media packages, Glass Print Solutions have found that offering these services in-house has significantly helped clients during their labelling journey. Winemakers who are new to the industry have appreciated their ability to provide a ‘one stop shop’ while those that export their products benefit from the convenience of reduced transport costs to only one supplier and shorter time periods to complete their projects.

As Riedel and Spiegelau agents, Glass Print Solutions have also gained expert knowledge in the importance of using the right glassware to showcase wine. Like most people, it wasn’t until they attended a Riedel glass sensory workshop that they realised the impact that the size and shape of a glass has on wine and the drinking experience.

Glass Print Solutions hold regular glass sensory workshops so clients can decide for themselves. They also have a showroom, conveniently located in Mt Barker in the Adelaide Hills, which gives clients the opportunity to feel the glassware first hand, ensuring they are making the best choice before purchase. They can also screen print logos and pour lines onto the glassware at the same time.

Glass Print Solutions have developed a team of professionals who are not just passionate about what they do, but also have a love and appreciation for the wine and spirits industry.

David Lucas says, “Building our business around client experiences and convenience, we are exceptionally proud of the standard of work we produce and are continually motivated to improve our processes and services to ensure client satisfaction is taken to new heights.”

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