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Riverland hailstorm leaves an estimated damage bill of $23.3 million

By Wednesday 27 November 2019No Comments

The hailstorm that swept through the Riverland on 4 November has left an estimated damage bill of $23.3 million. Grapes accounted for about $8.36 million of that.

The PIRSA Storm Assessment team, operating out of Loxton Research Centre, have visited 211 properties and assessed almost 8,000 hectares of crops including cereals.

“It’s a salutary reminder to our whole community of the risks associated with farming and the flow-on impact,” Riverland Wine says.

“As well as being an estimate of the crop damage this figure of more than $23 million can be interpreted as an estimate of what will not be spent in the region in the coming 12 months.

“As a general rule, the farmer/grower community re-invest the great majority of farmgate income directly in the community in the form of next year’s inputs to continue growing food and fibre, creating, jobs, exports and community wellbeing.

“For the sake of the families who will directly bear this cost, we must all do what little we can to reassure them that together we can share a portion of the burden.

“Just being aware of their circumstance and taking the time to stop and talk, even if you’ve never spoken to them before, makes a difference.”

Crop type impacted No. growers reported damage via hotline Crop damage property visits Area assessed (Ha) Estimated value of crop loss
Grapes 30 173 1703 $8,366,882
Nuts – Almond 1 4 481 $876,117
Citrus 3 11 981 $9,154,270
Stonefruit 6 15 155 $2,954,000
Cereals 2 3 4341 $985,695
Vegetables 2 2 10 $158,934
Other 1 3 41 $858,750
Totals 43 211 7712 $23,354,648


Photograph: Hailstones on Bruce Hewett’s property at Glossop. (Lauren Cresp)

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