WBM March / April 2018


In this issue:

• Fiona Donal interview – by Katie Spain
• Knock Knock Knocking on Cellar Door – Anthony Madigan
• Go Hard or Go Home – David LeMire MW
• The Best of Both Worlds? By Paul Henry
• Domestic market analysis – Peter Bailey
• How to Spend $35 Million and Make a Difference – Larry Lockshin
• How to Map Your Customer – Robin Shaw & Sandra Hess
• Nine Pages of Cellar Door Case Studies
• Wine Festivals: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Cathy Gadd
• Design Clinic: Eight Beautiful Labels by The Best Designers
• Picking a Winner – 2018 Vintage Update
• Dan Traucki’s Update on Pinot blanc
• Join in The Chorus – Orange Wine Show
• Fortifieds: The Cold Hard Facts by Nick Ryan
• 100 Great Wines by Tyson Stelzer and Mike Bennie
• Back Page – All the Latest Industry Goss

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