WBM Sept / Oct 2016


In the September / October 2016 issue of Wine Business Magazine:

An hour with Andrea Frost
The quarrels we are having about wine growing, styles and what makes a good wine are leading somewhere positive. That’s according to Andrea Frost, who was shortlisted for The Champagne Louis Roederer International Wine Writers’ Awards 2016 in two categories.

The WSET is good but…
The WSET is doing good work and the Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine is a useful tool for unpacking a wine, but it’s not a tool that can be used to describe it. It ticks boxes but doesn’t spark emotions. It diminishes the journey in a rush to reach the destination, says Nick Ryan.

Honest Wine
Protecting a wine brand’s image and ensuring consumers get what they pay for cannot rely on any single technology – it requires secure supply chains, innovative packaging, consumer-level tools and analytical solutions capable of discouraging fraud, says Eric Wilkes of the AWRI.

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