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Suburban Winery Unveils New Tasting Room

By Sunday 3 October 2021October 16th, 2023No Comments

Adelaide suburban winery Patritti has opened a new tasting room and event space at Dover Gardens.

Over the past twelve months Patritti has transformed one of the original wine cellars – Cellar II – into a beautiful bar and tasting room.

Cellar II was once a fermentation cellar, but still functions as a working cellar, complete with nine huge American oak vats maturing fortified wines.

The adjacent outside area has been transformed into a wine garden where visitors can enjoy a glass of wine with an authentic Italian antipasto platter under the shade of rubber trees and umbrellas.

Coinciding with the opening of Cellar II is the release of five rare wines made from the historic urban vineyards in nearby Marion.

When young Giovanni Patritti stepped aboard the wrong ship at the crowded dock in Genoa, Italy, in 1925, he could not have realised how fortunate he would be.

Rather than travelling to meet his sister in America, the 25-year-old set out on a journey that took him to the other end of the world and a new life in Adelaide.

Never one to fret about the past, he settled in quickly, seeing potential in the land around the Marion district to establish the kind of vineyard he knew from home.

Within a few years, he and his best mate Cristano (Jimmy) Bissacca had built a winery and produced their first vintage – the start of a family business.

Ninety-five years on, the business remains in the hands of Giovanni’s four children and continues to operate as a fully functioning winery.


Photos: Ben Heide.

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