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The Barossa: ‘We Want People to Know We’re Still Here’

By Friday 3 April 2020No Comments

This letter from a Barossa resident who wants to remain anonymous, was first published in our Friday newsletter The Week That Was.


I wanted to reach out because, as I know you’re aware, things are a little strange in the Barossa right now.

The streets are nearly deserted, most of the schools are closed, and the Facebook banter is a tad more subdued than usual.

We’re a warm, friendly bunch so this social distancing thing is a bit foreign.

But, amid the adjustment to new ways of living and communicating, the incredible, enviable spirit of the Barossa community is shining through.

The offers of help and produce swaps are in abundance, and random calls to check in with each other are the norm. When times are tough, you can absolutely rely on this community to carry you through.

Internally, we’re doing okay. We’re following the recommendations, taking precautions and supporting our local businesses as much as possible. Life is as good as it can be.

Our biggest roadblock – figuratively, but in the minds of those who think we’re “locked down”, literally – is the one we can’t control.

Right now, anyone outside of the Barossa seems to envision scenes reminiscent of that movie Contagion when they hear our region named.

The thought of driving through Tanunda is enough to give some the “C word”. Appointments out of the region are being questioned, or pushed back, because you’re “from the Barossa”.

It’s hard not to feel a bit like a leper – I promise you, we’re not.

We don’t all have the plague, and we’re still getting on with our lives as much as possible.

The gentle hum of crushers, pumpovers and ferments is a welcome sound of normalcy as we near the end of an unquestionably “unique” vintage.

We want people to know we’re still here.

Many of our shops and cafes might be closed, but we’re still 100 percent open for business.

That’s the beauty of our modern world – we might not physically be able to tell you our story or show you our wares right now, but we can absolutely connect with you online or at the end of the phone.

Importantly, we can still sell that which we are best known for (and which we highly recommend for these times of self-isolation and distancing).

There are many small family wine businesses ready and willing to assist.

Just drop us a line or fire off an email.

We’re not going to give you cooties.

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