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Think cans are cool? ‘I Do’

By Friday 6 October 2017April 22nd, 2021No Comments
Sparkke Change Beverage Company

Support marriage equality and searching for an appropriate drop to savour while filling out your survey? Look no further than ‘Say I Do’ sparkling white in a can – which has been appointed the official bubbles for Elton John’s concert tour of Queensland in late September.

It’s the latest beverage in a can by Adelaide based company Sparkke Change Beverage Company, which secured crowd funding and is shaking up the beer and wine industry.

Other products in the Sparkke range include ‘Consent Can’t Come After You Do’ apple cider, ‘Nipples Are Nipples’ hard lemonade, ‘Boundless Plains To Share’ alcoholic ginger beer and ‘Change the Date’ pilsner.

Sparkke describe themselves as young social activists representing diverse and cultural back-grounds. “Our philosophy revolves around inclusion and equality,” Jamie Bucirde said.

“Our company is values-based and we want to be able to educate our community on the things that matter. Not only do we want to bring attention to these causes, but we also donate 10 percent of our sales to charities aligned with each cause.”

Sparkke Change Beverage Company

In the first 90 days after launch, Sparkke raised more than $10,000 for the causes they support.

Wine in a can is a trend in the Australian wine industry. Sparkke chose cans because of  sustainability reasons. “One of the biggest principles in our company is that we want to be as sustainable as we can,” Jamie said.

“We have done extensive research on the most sustainable products and it shows that cans support reduced freight costs. Cans have also increased the longevity of the product by elimination of ultra-violet light and they also cool down more quickly than bottles do.”

They use vegetable inks on the cans, and recyclable clips rather than shrink-wraps. “Not only is it sustainable, but it is at the core of our brand identity,” Jamie said.

The white cans are distinctive and the messages draw people in to want to know more.

Sparkke Change Beverage Company

Sparkke’s co-founders are McLaren Vale winemaker Rose Kentish and marketer Kari Allen. Winemaker Sarah Lyons made the ‘Say I Do’ sparkling wine in a can, the head brewer is Agi Gajic (formerly of Gage Roads and Young Henry’s) and Carly Fridhandler is creative director.

Jamie says the Sparkke team are passionate advocates for equality. “We wanted to create a medium for igniting important conversations in social settings through alcohol – whether that’s at festivals, pubs, clubs and bars or around the dinner table,” Jamie said.

“There are so many important social issues in Australia and globally that need to be addressed. Sparkke is disrupting a $4 billion a year beer industry that is male dominated and as a team that is prominently female, we are paving a more gender inclusive road for the future. We are creating a new model that incorporates the principals of a social enterprise into an alcohol company.”

The team is largely based in Adelaide and works out of a home office. They make the brews and wine in McLaren Vale and Willunga, but are looking for their own brewery space in the city.

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