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Trio awarded for excellence

By Friday 10 November 2023November 13th, 2023No Comments

Mark O’Callaghan has been named Winemaker of the Year at the ASVO Awards for Excellence.

Dr Catherine Kidman was named Viticulturist of the Year and Professor Andrew Clark won the Wine Science & Technology Award.

“Beyond his work at Wine Network Consulting, Mark is an exceptional communicator and educator,” ASVO president Andy Clarke says.

“He has actively shared his extensive knowledge with industry members by writing articles and presenting at seminars and webinars at AWITC and for the AWRI and ASVO.

“Among his core themes are winery modernisation encouraging improvements in energy, water, labour and general input costs plus safety, disaster resilience, customer engagement and wine quality.”

Mark says, “When you’re in a community with exemplars like previous winners Sarah Crowe and Ed Carr, it never even crossed my mind that I would be on the radar for Winemaker of the Year.

“I thought it must have been an email scammer when ASVO first contacted me.

“I occupy a different space in winemaking and some of the best work we do, no one ever knows about, so this really was an unexpected surprise.”


Dr Catherine Kidman is a champion in her field as a technical viticulturist who is respected and recognised nationally.

“She is a fantastic role model and mentor to up and coming viticulturists, supports PhD students as a supervisor, and an active advocate for Women in Wine,” Andy Clarke says.

“Applying a science-based yet practical approach, Cath is generous in sharing her expertise and cutting-edge trial work at Wynns Coonawarra (including on epigenetic vine responses, infrared thermal imaging, and virus elimination) to the wider Australian wine growing community to enhance a sustainable future for all vineyard owners.”

Cath says, “To be the recipient of the ASVO Viticulturist of the Year is quite frankly an incredible feeling!

“I am a proud advocate of the ASVO and therefore, to be recognised by the society for the work I do in viticulture is a tremendous feeling and I’m very grateful for this award.”


The Wine Science and Technology award recognises Professor Andrew Clark for his development of innovative analytical practices at the Gulbali Institute and Charles Sturt University in Melbourne.

Specifically, Andrew has developed novel methodologies for the measurement of different metal forms in wine.

His work has created new knowledge, analysis techniques and wine production approaches relevant to the role of metal ions (especially copper) in the stability and ageing of wine.

Andrew says, “I’m honoured to be considered for this award. I have a great passion for conducting wine chemistry research, alongside my research team and collaborators, and to be involved in the education of the enthusiastic next-generation winemakers and viticulturists.”

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