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Unlocking The Secrets of Clandestine Vineyards

By Tuesday 11 August 2020April 14th, 2021No Comments

Vinaceous Wines creator Nick Stacy has separated from the business and resigned as partner and managing director.

The business will continue operations under the present partnership group which includes winemakers Michael Kerrigan and Gavin Berry.

Nick says the time has come to begin new wine adventures with his wife, Trudy.

“After thirteen years at the helm of Vinaceous Wines, I’m ready to explore new pursuits in wine,” he says.

“I’m thrilled to announce that Trudy and I have acquired the Reverend V and Clandestine Vineyards brands as part of this mutual separation.

“This will provide us with new opportunities to create and collaborate with new winemakers across both Western Australia and South Australia with a focus on single vineyard sites within key regions.

“With three decades in the wine industry, I have accumulated wonderful relationships with growers, winemakers, distributors and importers, all of which I believe will underpin the success of Clandestine Vineyards, from grape to glass.”

The Clandestine range includes six wines.

“The range will be unrestricted by location, variety or house style,” says Nick, who will pair “carefully selected winemakers” with each parcel of fruit.

Clandestine Vineyards has been working closely with Savvy Comms and the graphics team at Landmark Studio on the development of the new brand.

“The iconic lock symbolises Clandestine’s special access to some of the most remarkable vineyards from Australia’s greatest wine regions,” Nick says.

“Behind the lock lies the crucial elements that make our wines what they are — climate, biodiversity, a respect for nature and the hard-earned relationships that underpin our access to these vineyards.

South Australian artist Jake Foreman was commissioned to create this work to tell the Clandestine story through the illustration. Jake takes inspiration from nature, nostalgic memories, philosophy and history. He likes to combines disparate imagery together to create distinctively surreal and evocative works.

Label elements…
The Sun
Represents the climate and provides the sustenance to the fruit of the vineyards.
The Splendid Fairywren
A spectacular blue wren native to our favourite wine regions in Western Australia and South Australia. It carries a chain-signifying access to our special vineyards.
The Bee
While vines do not require pollination from insects, the bee signifies the health and diversity of the surrounding ecosystem.
The ‘Dude’ Handshake
Signifies the friendships that tie everything they do together – from grower to winemaker, vintner to distributor and retailer to consumer.
The Butterfly
Represents life and beauty – the delicate balance needed to sustain a healthy and vibrant environment around the vineyard. It carries the key to unlock access to the special vineyards.
The Moon
The cycles phases of the moon help indicate favourable times for such things as pruning, grafting and biodynamic fertilising.

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