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Wine Brand Removes 10 Million Plastic Bottles From The Oceans

By Monday 14 February 2022September 29th, 2023No Comments

Australian wine brand The Hidden Sea has reached a momentous milestone this month, removing 10 million plastic bottles from our oceans since the brand first embarked on its mission in July 2020.

Powered by the support of its retailers and consumers, the brand’s mission is simple: for every bottle of wine sold, they work with Danish company ReSea Project to remove and recycle 10 single-use plastic bottles from oceans and waterways.

Their ultimate goal is to remove one billion plastic bottles from the ocean by 2030.

“After an epic past 12 months launching into the UK and US markets, the brand has gained a groundswell of momentum and support, creating a global environmental movement,” co-founder Justin Moran says.

“Backed by a legion of loyal customers, retailers, ambassadors, social media influencers and businesses with a shared passion for protecting our planet, The Hidden Sea continues to go from strength to strength.

“Thanks to our incredibly supportive customers, partners and ambassadors in Australia and around the world, we’re able to make a quantifiable and tangible difference in helping to clean up the world’s oceans – which was always our number one mission.

“To have removed 10 million plastic bottles in the space of 18 months has superseded all of our expectations and demonstrates that consumers – when given the opportunity – will make socially and environmentally conscious choices if they place them at the heart of a movement.”

But Justin says the job is far from done.

“To achieve our goal of removing one billion plastic bottles from the ocean by 2030, more support is vital,” he says.

“We’ll be investing heavily to sound the alarm, expand our ambassador base, secure additional retailers and drive more consumers to choose The Hidden Sea.”

Co-founder Richie Vandenberg says the milestone is a wonderful example of how businesses can affect change when they put the planet at the centre of their focus.

“It’s so important for businesses to take a stand for something, be accountable for their actions, and be transparent with consumers – by working towards a common goal, businesses and consumers can achieve incredible things,” he says.

“The fact is, the world’s oceans are critical to the health of our planet, and plastic of any kind does not belong there – the time to act is now, and if we all band together, we can work to reverse the devastation caused by single-use plastic before it’s too late.”

The Hidden Sea vineyards are in South Australia which, 26 million years ago, was covered by the Great Southern Ocean and home to a thriving marine ecosystem.

A series of dramatic ice ages caused the ocean to recede, leaving the soil rich with nutrients and deep limestone deposits for the grapes to flourish today.

The whale drawing on every bottle pays homage to an ancient fossilised whale skeleton that was discovered near one of their vineyards in Wrattonbully.

The Hidden Sea range includes Chardonnay, Shiraz, Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and GSM with all wines being 100 percent vegan.

The winery is also solar powered.

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