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Wine Exporters Can Save Money by Waiting to Renew Their Licence

By Tuesday 7 April 2020No Comments

Wine Australia has encouraged exporters who don’t frequently export wine to let their export licence lapse when it’s due for renewal and defer the $700 renewal fee until they are ready to export.

Wine Australia CEO Andreas Clark says there is no downside for exporters in letting their licence lapse and then applying for a 12-month licence two weeks before their next shipment is set to sail.

“In this financially challenging time, we want to help businesses to manage their costs,” Andreas says.

“By letting their licence lapse, exporters can delay paying $700 until they have a shipment planned.

“If an exporter allows their licence to lapse, we will ensure that their previous licence details, including information about products and shipments, are carried over to their next licence.”

All exporters need to do to defer their renewal fee is to not respond to the licence renewal invoice sent by Wine Australia.

Then, two weeks before they need their export licence, they apply to Wine Australia for a 12-month licence.

“Importantly, this subsequent application will not be considered as a new licence application, so it will not incur the new licence application fee of $1,084 for non-levy payers,” Andreas says.

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