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You can’t handle the truth! Or can you?

By Monday 22 October 2018No Comments


In a world with an ever-increasing volume of data, many companies find themselves in a position where they simply don’t, or can’t, find the information they are looking for. This is certainly the case for many people in the wine business dealing with a diverse route to market, plus many brands, customers and multiple sales teams.

It’s a world where distribution, ranging and NPD are the critical drivers of new business; where people are demanding insights as to where they are selling, how much they are selling, if their NPD is working and why, and if their investment in individual customers or promotions in banner groups is effective.

It is in this landscape that BrandPrint was born. BrandPrint has just won the Marketing & Communications Category at the 2018 Wine Industry Impact Awards. The creators, Andrew Thomson and Daniel Yuncken of Swigg Consulting, are long-term liquor industry professionals.

Andrew started his career at AC Nielsen, where his strengths in mining data were developed and honed through delivering a leading ‘market read’ service to the Australian liquor industry. He then used this experience when he joined large companies such as CUB and Diageo where he worked on building systems to harness the volumes of data that was available and deliver it back to the business in a meaningful and actionable form.

Daniel came from the other side of the fence. Having been an experienced publican in Melbourne and on the receiving end of information and ‘insights’ for a range of suppliers for years, Dan could see there was a clear gap in the market for a tool that would deliver benefits, not only to him but also to his suppliers. It was at this time that he and Andrew, who had just started Swigg, joined forces. This is when the journey to develop BrandPrint began!

After many years of development and evolution, it wasn’t until February this year that the real power of BrandPrint was unleashed. The launch of Microsoft Power BI was pivotal in taking BrandPrint off the desktop computer and making it mobile.

Today, BrandPrint provides early adopter ‘A’ list companies such as Australian Vintage with business insights and analytics, which give them a competitive edge in building their brands in the challenging marketplace that confronts the Australian wine industry.

According to Manouel Vlandis, national nusiness manager – Independents at AVL, “BrandPrint has been a real ‘game changer’ for our business.”

So, what makes BrandPrint a ‘Best in Class’ management and sales reporting solution? Since implementation, BrandPrint has provided tools previously not available to sales teams to deliver demonstrable results by turning sales data into actionable outcomes based on fact.

BrandPrint makes more of simple numbers by focusing on core business drivers:

  • Volume and value.
  • Number of outlets.
  • Volume and value per outlet.
  • Listings and ranging.

BrandPrint’s reporting and analytics use these core drivers to provide insight to direct future sales and marketing actions. Importantly, BrandPrint not only tells you what you are selling and to whom, it tells you what you are not selling and what you should be.

For AVL, BrandPrint has affected change by:

  • Identifying opportunities and issues.
  • Providing clear pathways to deliver results.
  • Effecting a significant shift in capability.
  • Delivering more efficient trade spend.
  • Ultimately delivering a greater ROI.

Importantly – and this sets BrandPrint apart from other Business Intelligence solutions – BrandPrint is not just a service, it is a partnership and it is local… Real people, real time.

With BrandPrint, the hard work is already done. A tool such as BrandPrint takes a significant amount of time, money and resources to build. BrandPrint is an ‘out of the box’, cloud-based service with the option for live or near-live frequency. It is efficient and cost-effective, quick and straight-forward to implement, and can be up and running in around two weeks from the receipt of data. It is intuitive, simple to use and can be customised to your view of the world, delivering immediate benefits to the business.

BrandPrint is an intelligent, low-risk and low-resource subscription service that provides insightful BI and analytical capability at a fraction of the cost of many of the BI tools currently available.

Why not unlock the real power of your data with BrandPrint today?

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