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Young Gun of Wine ‘shaking new names out of the woodwork’

By Wednesday 3 July 2019No Comments

Registrations are now open for the 14th annual Young Gun of Wine (YGOW), designed to celebrate and showcase both young wine labels and winemakers on the rise.

WBM – Australia’s Wine Business Magazine is a long-time support.

Open to those making all forms of wine, from the experimental to the traditional, whether under their own label or employed by a wine company, head of the YGOW tasting panel, Nick Stock, is calling for a diversity of participants

“The rising tide of interest, capability, ambition and quality in Australia’s emerging winemaking circles is
what we are looking to bring together,” he says.

“It’s a gathering of many tribes. It forms and galvanises friendships and ideas. It’s empowering as much as it is a very good time.”

They want to see faces they’ve seen before, too.

“YGOW is as much about creating a movement around wine, as it is about singling out individual producers,” founder Rory Kent says.

“We’ve been hellbent on building exciting culture around wine for 14 years now, and to do that, we need winemakers to get involved.”

Young Gun of Wine 2019 Damon Koerner said: “For me, the greatest benefit of participating in YGOW has been the people I have met and friends I have made. The events bring together the best emerging winemakers and young labels from all over the country.

“The more we interact and talk about what we are doing, the better we will all get, which will only improve the status of the Australian wine industry, and benefit all of us in the long run.”

Rory says it’s an opportunity for winemakers to get out of their regions and promote to consumers and trade (in each city there’s both a public event and a trade event on offer for winemakers), as well as develop relationships with fellow winemakers from around Australia.

Damon will join the YGOW tasting panel in 2020.

Early bird registrations for the 2020 YGOW are now open, with first choice of event options, until August 16. For more details visit

Get amongst it here:

What the winemakers say

“Don’t underestimate the reach of YGOW! For a young, small West Australian producer like us, being part of the YGOW was invaluable exposure, particularly in the eastern states. With very few expectations prior to entering YGOW, it’s one wild ride that’s a lot of fun and is so important in terms of showcasing the breath of diversity of the young Australian winemaking landscape.” – Genevieve Mann, Corymbia

“For us, the experience of YGOW has been a wild ride. It really has rocketed our brand and boosted sales on the east coast. As part of the YGOW experience we gained some added publicity through State and National print media mentions which promoted our wine label, increased our mailing list, social media followers, enquiries, and ultimately sales. One of the best parts of our YGOW experience was meeting a whole bunch of intuitive and interesting winemakers who are really pushing boundaries and making delicious wines, along with making great contacts and friends along the way.” – Liv Maiorana & Mijan Patterson, South by South West

“What do I love about the YGOW awards? Absolutely everything! A wealth of passionate and free spirited Australian wine growers, an all-star industry leading judging panel and a series of fantastic nationwide events!” – Fraser McKinley, Sami-Odi

“Shaking new names out of the woodwork, encouraging creativity and giving recognition to the cats filling bottles with amazing gear.” – Taras Ochota, Ochota Barrels

“I attended the events originally as a sommelier to find new wines for my venue’s list. The last three years I’ve started showing my wines at YGOW. And if I wasn’t attending in a professional capacity, I’d be there as a punter… Whoever you are, the events are the place for new Aussie wines.” – Liam O’Brien, sommelier at Cutler & Co, and winemaker at Athletes of Wine

“YGOW is a platform to put your brand on the national stage. Just being part of the showcase allows you access to pour at amazing venues to people who are genuinely interested in your wine and story. Progress further in the events, and many doors to the best trade in the country swing open to you.”
– Rob Mack, Aphelion

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