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Meet the Friendly Faces of Fermentation from Team Lallemand Australia Š—– Eveline Bartowsky

By Tuesday 28 March 2017June 22nd, 2017No Comments
Eveline Bartowsky

Fermentation specialist Lallemand provides applied fermentation technical support and shares its knowledge of fermentation application, the market needs and commercialisation of new R&D innovations in the field of microbiology. With representatives all around the country, there’s one in every major wine region from the Hunter to Margaret River. Following a recent new partnership deal, Winequip is now the sole distributor for Lallemand biological products in WA, NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC and TAS. In this blog series, we introduce you to the faces behind Winequip and Lallemand, so you know who to look to in your part of the wine world. Next up, we chat to Eveline Bartowsky of Lallemand.

What is your role with Lallemand?

Applied microbiologist. I’m responsible for conducting research and winery trials, and translating current research into practical value for the industry.

What do you love about your job?

Interacting with the industry. Helping to solve microbiological problems and finding ways to improve various qualities in winemaking.

What makes Lallemand unique in your eyes?

Lallemand is a flexible company and has a holistic approach to helping the industry. We want to understand the effects that yeast and bacteria have on the winemaking process and how these affects can be used to help winemakers to attain the style of wine that they want. Lallemand is committed to helping improve the industry as a whole.

How do you think that Lallemand’s role has changed in the wine landscape over the years?

Lallemand is highly responsive to the emerging needs of the industry, adapting to changes in wine style and realigning research to help deal with variations in climate, viticultural practices and winemaking conditions.

Eveline Bartowski

When you’re not at work, where might we find you?

I’m in my garden growing vegetables, or enjoying time with my family.

Want to meet more of the team at Lallemand? Click here for Lallemand commercial director Jason Amos, here for Winequip Sales rep Rebecca Hellweg, here for Sales Manager for WA Amanda Kramer or here for Winequip’s Peter Kopiec.

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