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Meet The Friendly Faces Of Fermentation From Team Lallemand Australia – Thomas Hamann

By Wednesday 17 May 2017August 26th, 2018No Comments
Thomas Hamann

Fermentation specialist Lallemand provides applied fermentation technical support and shares its knowledge of fermentation application, the market needs and commercialisation of new R&D innovations in the field of microbiology.

With representatives all around the country, there’s one in every major wine region from the Hunter to Margaret River. Following a recent new partnership deal, Winequip is now the sole distributor for Lallemand biological products in WA, NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC and TAS. In this blog series, we introduce you to the faces behind Winequip and Lallemand, so you know who to look to in your part of the wine world. Next up, we chat to Thomas Hamann of Winequip and Lallemand’s brewing sales representative. 

What is your role with Lallemand?

I’m responsible for sales, national distribution and technical advice for the Lallemand Brewing Yeast portfolio.

What do you love about your job?

Free beer! And introducing new brewers to the fabulous diversity of strains.

What makes Lallemand unique in your eyes?

Lallemand offer excellent and prompt technical back-up for their products. Quite an achievement for a global company. 

How do you think Lallemand’s role has changed in the beer landscape over the years?

The large range of brewing yeasts are great to see in this rapidly expanding craft beer market. With more strains on the way and with brewers being able to brew all year round, there’s a lot to look forward to in the next few years.

When you’re not at work, where might we find you?

At Leon’s Wine Bar… Yeah right! Most Fridays I’ll be leaning on the local brewpub bar debating a grist and a yeast selection with the brewer (or emptying their mash tun!).

Thomas Hamann

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