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Organic Good For The Planet And For Sales

By Monday 30 August 2021November 28th, 2023No Comments

Angove Family Winemakers – Australia’s leading and largest certified organic grapegrower and winemaker – has seen 38 percent year on year growth of Certified Organic wines as shoppers align tastebuds with good health.

“Australians have made it clear they are committed to doing better for people and planet, now acutely aware of the effect of the potential damage pesticides can have on our bodies and our environment,” joint managing director Victoria Angove says.

“Covid-19 has given us pause for thought to consider what is important to use to ensure a healthy future,” said Angove.

Angove Organic winemaker Tony Ingle says, “Angove Organic has come full circle from the days in the late 1800s when Dr William Angove, a medical doctor, found himself experimenting with winemaking, initially using it as a tonic for his patients to help with their ailments and support their health.

“It is an honour to be on this journey with the fifth generation of the Angove family as they strive to continue the legacy of their forefathers in leading the way to a healthier planet and better wine.”

Australian Organic Awareness Month runs through September.

Australian Organic Market Report Fast Facts:

●  Australia’s organic operations employed over 5,500 people and contributed an estimated $807 million to GDP in 2020-2021.

●  The Australian organic market is delivering 7.9 percent market growth per annum.

●  The value of organic food sales from three million producers in 187 countries worldwide increased during the Covid-19 pandemic.

●  Top perceived benefits of buying organic: chemical-free (63%), environmentally friendly (48%) and additive-free (48%).

●  31% of organic shoppers believe they have been previously misled by organic claims on organic product labels.

● Only 12% of shoppers were aware that a minimum of 2% ingredient threshold is allowed for a product to be called ‘organic’.

● 39% of all shoppers said they would avoid buying organic products without a certification mark.

Angove Family Winemakers is certified to Australian, United States, Canadian, EU and Chinese Standards, one of only a handful of wineries to cover all the major markets in the world.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Angove Family Winemakers farming and making wine under organic certification.

Angove’s Certified Organic wines are hand-crafted with the help of a unique task force called ‘The Vinguard’. It is led by a colony of honeybees, a posse of Indian runner ducks, an invisible night patrol of microbats and fragrant organic roses – all ensuring that everything used in the winemaking process comes from nature, pure and clean.

Established 133 years ago by Dr William Angove, the brand has a deep heritage in healthcare.

Dr Angove migrated to Australia from Cornwall in 1886. He entered viticulture when as a medical doctor he recommended wine to his patients to support their health and he began cultivating vines and making wine.

Made with the gentlest touch and with minimal inputs, the Angove family crafts their range of exceptional Certified Organic wines from premium grapes sourced from a number of organic and biodynamic vineyards through McLaren Vale and the Riverland. At no stage during the grapegrowing or winemaking processes is synthetic chemicals or non-organic inputs used.

Despite the increased costs of production, Angove produces an extensive range of premium organic wines starting at only $18.

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