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Scholz Declared Winemaker Of The Year

By Sunday 19 February 2023June 16th, 2023No Comments

The Barons of Barossa has named Jack Scholz from The Willows Vineyard as the 2023 Barossa Winemaker of the Year.

Tammy and Stuart Schutz are the joint Viticulturists of the Year.

The awards were announced in Tanunda today at the annual Declaration of Vintage.

Barons Grand Master Louisa Rose said, “These awards are peer generated.

“Jack, Tammy and Stuart are all respected for their dedication to producing grapes and wine of quality with a depth of regional expression.

“Jack Scholz works alongside his father, Peter, on the Willows Vineyard.

“He is responsible for their G7 range which swept the honours at the 2022 Barossa Wine Show, winning trophy after trophy including Best Wine of the Show.

“At just 29 years of age, his future in the Barossa is very bright indeed.

“Tammy and Stuart Schutz were both raised in generational Barossa grapegrowing families, with their viticultural philosophies aligned to focus on quality and sustainability.

“For them, grapegrowing is not just what they do, it is their connection to the land that makes it part of who they are and they are passionate about it.”

Barons’ Honourary Vigneron Adrian Hoffmann said that while grapes in the Barossa have begun to colour, the full vintage experience is still weeks away.

With no ripe grapes to press, for the first time since this event has been staged, the traditional hand crusher remained in storage and no grapes were pressed.

Louisa held a grape bunch aloft and said, “I have tasted these Shiraz grapes and declare the 2023 vintage.”

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