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Grays Sells 900,000 Cases Of Wine A Year

By Tuesday 8 December 2020April 14th, 2021No Comments


There is only one thing Australians love more than a glass or two of their favourite wine, and that is buying wine on the Grays marketplace.

Long a popular destination for Australian wine lovers, Grays offers a wide range of varietals and vintages from regions and wineries all over the world.

In fact, more than 900,000 cases per year are sold by Grays to a base of over three million registered customers via online auctions, retail sales and the telesales wine concierge.

And it is not just wine, Grays marketplace also offers a wide range of industrial assets for winemakers – everything from large and small vehicles to production and packaging equipment.

Things changed rapidly in 2020 with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and widespread restrictions around travel and movement. The hospitality industry faced huge upheaval with many venues swiftly closed, and sadly some are predicted never to reopen. Conversely, online sales of products increased dramatically and Grays has seen a 50 percent increase in traffic and sales compared to last year.

For winemakers using Grays to sell their products, it has been a very good year indeed. With many more people staying at home (either by choice or otherwise) and unable to visit restaurants and bars, people all over Australia have been purchasing wine online to enjoy at home.

The numbers tell a compelling story for Grays. Statistics for April 2020 compared to April 2019 included:

  • 89 percent increase in visitors
  • 6 percent increase in unique bidders
  • 190.9 percent increase in new customers
  • Total bids up by 47.3 percent

Customers are pouring into Grays, with over 140,000 unique visitors searching for wine each month in mid-2020 (an increase of 78 percent over the prior year). New wine customers increased 202 percent and plenty of customers are returning to the trusted home of online wine sales – reactivated wine customers grew by 107 percent.

The numbers have continued to climb as the pandemic drags on. Indicators are showing that consumers’ online shopping habits will continue across all industries, including alcohol, even when Covid-19 is behind us.

On the back of this growth, Grays recently launched an Australia-wide advertising blitz which has driven many new customers to the platform, as well as motivated many returning customers to reactivate their accounts. This has created additional demand for products across all categories, including wine and alcohol. 

Why it pays to sell wine with Grays

Grays was an early pioneer in the online auction world and has become renowned as the place to buy wine online with a large, growing, active and loyal customer base.

One of the best things for winemakers, is that Grays makes it easy to list and sell wine with a range of unique features including:

  • Large audience reach
  • Free listing and advertising
  • Simple process for listing SKUs
  • Frequent remittances for sales to keep cash flowing

Grays is proud to have created long-standing, mutually-beneficial and collaborative relationships with Australian winemakers, helping build wine brands for the long term. Customers have come to expect quality and value from their wine purchases on Grays, and they keep coming back for more.

Qualia increases wine sales by over 400 percent in three years

Qualia Wines is an Australian owned and operated winemaker that has used the Grays marketplace to great success in recent years. Enjoying a 100 percent clearance rate, Qualia has increased their volume on Grays from 3,000 cases to over 15,000 cases sold annually in just three short years.

They have been able to diversify their range and offering and utilise the sophisticated and proven Grays marketing tools and huge database to connect with wine buyers.

How wine is sold on Grays

For winemakers, Grays has developed a range of effective online and direct sale channels that help get wine into the hands of wine lovers across Australia and the Asia Pacific region:

  1. Auction – the heritage of Grays marketplace and a very popular way to clear stock quickly and easily to generate revenue, with more than 600,000 cases sold annually.
  2. Telesales – GraysConnect is a small, motivated team making direct offers to Grays’ own loyal customers over the phone, with pricing not advertised elsewhere. This is a very personal way to present your wines discreetly, contributing to a stronger brand image and greater customer satisfaction. GraysConnect currently sells more than 20,000 cases annually.
  3. Buy now – traditional online retail sales and drop ship model.
  4. Private Cellar – popular with collectors and aficionados alike, selling $3.5 million annually in back vintage, fine and rare wines.

Marketing tools that move wine fast

Great marketing helps drive online auctions and sales, and it is no different at Grays marketplace. Most importantly, Grays has a database of millions of active customers that receive regular offers and alerts via email. Helping bring sellers and buyers together is a powerful set of digital marketing tools including the Google network, social media platforms, search engine and affiliate marketing.

With continuing investment in technology and marketing, Grays is the largest and leading online auction site in the southern hemisphere. For winemakers and wine lovers alike, Grays has become a very popular destination for wine sales covering the widest range of quality and price points, and emerging as the safest and easiest way to sell and buy wine online.

Click here to browse Grays marketplace range of products or if you are interested in selling your assets enquire here now.

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