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Smart Tech For Vintage Tracking

By Tuesday 28 February 2023September 29th, 2023No Comments

EasyDens and SmartRef by Anton Paar are your reliable companions for winemaking.

Together with the mobile app, Wine Meister, they deliver highly precise measurement results in seconds.

Perfect timing: Grape ripeness test
Monitoring the sugar content of grapes is the most important parameter for determining their ripeness. The increase of sweetness during maturation is highly dependent on the grape variety itself as well as weather and environmental conditions. Choosing the right moment to start the harvest requires precise parameter analysis and great expertise in viticulture.

Determination of sugar content with SmartRef
With a small sample volume of only 0.4 mL, SmartRef enables precise measurements with automatic temperature compensation to determine the development stage of the grapes. In combination with the mobile app, Wine Meister, the measured values can be read e.g., in °Brix, °Baume or °Oechsle, and stored for later reference.

Sensory properties and wine characteristics: fermentation control
During alcoholic fermentation, yeast converts sugar into ethanol and CO2. Sweet must is converted into wine with a low sugar content and an alcohol concentration of more than 10% v/v. The composition of ethanol, extract, CO2 and aroma depends strongly on the temperature during fermentation. The speed at which the yeast converts the sugar into alcohol is shown by means of a fermentation curve.

Fermentation process monitoring with EasyDens
With EasyDens, measurements are also performed without significant product loss. Via regular readings, the exact end point of fermentation can be determined with only 2 mL of sample. The Wine Meister app graphically displays the measured values in a fermentation curve and automatically calculates the estimated alcohol content of the finished wine as it progresses.

Consistent monitoring allows immediate intervention in case of problems in the fermentation process (e.g. fermenting stock) and ensures the highest product quality of the finished wines.

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